Tuesday, January 11, 2011

List of Fours!

Yesterday I was tagged by my sister Julie E to play along with the list of fours. It's like those emails you get where you list things about yourself. :)

4 shows you watch
So You Think You Can Dance
Project Runway
Amazing Race
Undercover Boss

4 things you are passionate about
My family & friends
My pets

4 words/phrases you say a lot
Holy Mackanoly (that's me trying not to swear :) )
Back (the only word that stops my dogs!)
Outside?? (my dogs don't let me know so I'm constantly asking if they have to go out!)
Mindy!!!!!!!! (at my cat driving me crazy!)

4 things you've learned about the past
Don't be afraid to admit mistakes
Don't look back (too much)
I lied when I said I'd never dye my hair! :)
I need to get working on my crafting (when I did my top ten cards there weren't that many!)

4 places you would like to go
Anywhere with a nice beach & warm weather! :)

4 things you did yesterday
Worked :(
Visited my great aunt
Watched the Bachelor - I swore I wouldn't watch but I got sucked in!!
Read a book

4 things you are looking forward to
The weekend! :)
My sister said increasing her Copic collection - but I have to say actually USE THEM!! :)
Finally finishing my cruise scrapbook (that's my next project)

4 things you love about Winter
Snow days - hoping for one tomorrow!
Playing with the dogs in the snow
Getting cozy with a blanket & reading a book
Hot chocolate!! :)

Tag 4 people to play along
Dani, Wendy, Harriet, and Kelly


  1. LOL!!! Let's see you put those markers to good use with the challenge I sent you earlier today :>)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and will participate in the List of Fours..... I also am following your blog and look forward to seeingthe Copics in use too..... LOL


  3. My copics are sadly neglected too. *sigh* It's good to get to know you a bit!